Prof. Olof Engström: New materials in nanoelectronics: High-k dielectrics on silicon and graphene


The properties of rare-earth and transition metal oxides of interest for the development of future silicon nanoelectronics will be reviewed. As an introduction, the motivation for using high-k insulators for short channel MOSFET applications is given together with a basic enlightenment on two crucial intrinsic properties of these materials: the dielectric constant, k, and the energy offset value, ?E, in relation to silicon. It will be demonstrated how these quantities govern initial navigation among metallic elements in the periodic table to find future oxide candidates with feasible leakage characteristics. The basic conditions for evaluating the existence of electron states by capacitance versus voltage (C-V) technique at the silicon/insulator interface will be discussed. Finally, a preliminary theory for interpretation of C-V data from metal/oxide/graphene structures is presented.

Date: 15.04.2015

Time: 13:30

Room: H-E 308