PD Dr. Frank Schwiertz: Two-Dimensional Materials and Their Application in Transistors


During the past few years, two-dimensional materials have found a continuously increasing interest in the electronic device community. The first two-dimensional material studied in detail was graphene and many groups worldwide explored graphene as a material for electronic devices, in particular transistors. Meanwhile researchers have extended their work to two-dimensional materials beyond graphene and the number of two-dimensional materials under investigation has literally exploded recently. At present several hundred different two-dimensional materials are known and part of these is considered to be useful for electronic applications. A realistic assessment of the prospects of the two-dimensional materials in electronics, however, is still missing.

My talk represents a step in this direction. I will briefly introduce the classes of two-dimensional materials relevant for transistors, compose a wish list of properties for a good transistor material and examine to what extent the two-dimensional materials fulfill the criteria of the wish list. The performance of two-dimensional transistors will be reviewed and compared to that of the competing conventional transistor types. Finally, I will provide some examples of the work on two-dimensional materials and transistors at TU Ilmenau.



Date: 21.05.2014 - 09:00 to 10:00
Room: H-F 112