Review paper on graphene CVD growth published

We are proud to announce the publication of a review paper on the growth and transfer of graphene films using chemical vapor deposition. This method allows the upscaling of graphene film size and thus provides a potential way towards commercial graphene products. The paper titled "Chemical vapor deposited graphene: From synthesis to applications" is a collaboration of the Graphene-based Nanotechnology group at the University of Siegen, Germany and colleagues at KTH Royal Institute of Technology in Kista, Sweden. It is published online in the journal physica status solidi (a) and can be found here:


Graphene, the “wonder material of the 21st century”, has unleashed a new era of nanoscience and nanotechnology based on two-dimensional crystals. Its exceptional physical properties imply significant impact on diverse fields ranging from electronics to mechanics to chemistry and biology. In the last few years, significant research is dedicated to the development of scalable graphene production methods and the demonstration of its enormous potential in functional devices. One of the major issues in the quest for applications of graphene in the electronics industry is its incorporation in compatible manufacturing technologies and process flows. In particular, large-scale growth of graphene and – if direct growth remains elusive – its successful transfer on desired substrates is key for its commercialization. Chemical vapor deposition (CVD) techniques provide a boost in this direction with scalable production of graphene on metals. In their Review Article (pp. 2439–2449), Max Lemme and co-workers present an overview of existing CVD methods to produce graphene at large-scale and discuss various methods for transferring graphene. The authors also highlight briefly the potential electronic applications of graphene including vertical hot electron transistors and graphene based nanoelectromechanical (NEMS) sensors.