Research published in ACS Nano

A joint paper by partners of the GRADE consortium has just been published online in ACS Nano. The European FP7 project is coordinated by Prof. Lemme of the University of Siegen. The paper is lead by Dr. Lupina from IHP in Frankfurt/Oder, and includes international researchers from

  • KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden
  • Infineon Technologies, Regensburg
  • The Institute of Electronic Materials Technology, Poland and
  • University of Siegen

The paper  "Residual Metallic Contamination of Transferred Chemical Vapor Deposited Graphene" focuses on challenging aspects related to the integration of graphene with the Si technology platform. We apply a systematic methodology to determine the contamination levels in wafers with transferred CVD graphene and conclude that suitable cleaning procedures are in high demand, if graphene is to be integrated with front-end-of-the-line CMOS technology. This article has been selected as an ACS Editors' Choice, underlining the significance of the research carried out in GRADE to the global scientific community.

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