Paper on graphene ink published in “2D Materials”

We proudly announce the publication of our recent paper titled “Optimizing the optical and electrical properties of graphene ink thin films by laser-annealing” in the Journal “2D Materials” by IOPScience. The laser-annealing method is an enhancement technique to improve the optical and electrical properties of graphene thin films fabricated from graphene dispersion. This has been a collaborative work between the groups of Professor Max Lemme and Professor Peter Haring Bolivar at University of Siegen, as well as Mikael Östling at the KTH-Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden.

Graphene-based transparent films are flexible, chemically stable and exhibit uniform broadband absorption/transmission. These properties, in addition to their cost efficient production, make them potential candidates for a variety of applications in printed electronics and as surface coatings. In the paper, we propose a “Laser-annealing technique” for the fabrication of high performance transparent conductive films made from drop casted graphene dispersion. Laser-annealing can also be used as an additional step to enhance the properties of graphitic thin films fabricated alternative methods of inkjet printing, vacuum filtration and spray coating. The technique is simple, fast and on demand in comparison with other methods commonly used.

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